Monday, February 23, 2015

It's raining.

Hey everyone!

We had another great week. We have been teaching more than ever and have found a ton of new people to teach recently! We have been going HARD searching for/contacting/teaching part member families...which is an awesome way to find people to teach who already have friends/family is the church. It is also sweet because a lot of these families have been more or less inactive for a its like killing two birds with one stone! Okay, I'm boring my self now...

Truth was a great week but I was DANG sick on Saturday with a fat fever. So I kinda don't remember much about the week haha. But I promise it was good. Also, while thinking about what I was gonna write today, I realized I really am running out of things to tell yall about and am really bad at remembering stories/exciting things to tell do me a favor and feel free to ask ANY QUESTIONS that you have/had/will have about Ecuador, my current area, people, mission life, my favorite color...whatever. Just help me out...cause I am tired... haha!

But really, all is well and the work presses on! (Pretty sure I just stole that line from Cam's email last week....shoot.)

The baptism of E was another great one. She was so happy and her and her mom are now sooo active in church/the activities and everything! It is so great to see people change for the better and then see a change in their level of happiness and quality of life... Definitely strengthens my testimony/desire to stay on the straight and narrow! 
Like Alma said... ´´Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness.´´ 

Love yall and hope you have a great week and don't get a FAT FEVER like I got.

Oh yeah...made some ants on a log...pretty sure I´m 6.

Until next time,
Elder Sorensen

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