Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to Elder Bso

Dear _______,

First. Happy 48th Birthday to the main man (Elder) Brian Sorensen. BALLIN!

Another solid week come and gone...the weeks here in Solanda have been going crazy fast. Feel like I just got here and already have a month here and am in week 5 of the change...crazy!!

Well, got hit with back-to-back crazy weeks. After everything that happened last week and capping it off with my bday, this week ended up being a lil crazy also. On Saturday (3 days ago) we received emergency changes--my companion Elder F left to a ward about an hour north of here, (and is comps with Elder U, one of my best buds in the mish from the MTC...awesome! and the same ward as A, my comp from MTC...dope!), and I am staying here in Solanda and received a companion from Tena (the jungle like 7 hours east of here). He is a really nice/humble dude. He’s from Peru and it is definitely a change of pace from my last companion but it is all gooood, we are gonna do work!! He has had a lot of health/stress problems so far on his mish, so President sent him here a little closer to civilization and to a comp who’s gonna help him relax and baptize ;) (hehe jkkkk). But we get along great and its gonna be a nice change and great chance to learn some new traits out here!!

Well...really I kinda forget everything else that happened this week because of the e-change....but I promise it was a good week and we worked hard! Haha! We are currently teaching a handful of people and have 3 progressing and attending church with baptismal dates for next Saturday. Yay!

Today was an AWESOME PDAY--full of English. We went to the Offices/middle of Quito to get lunch at this super good burger place. The owners (2 brothers) lived in SoCal for 30 years so it was cool chatting with them and feeling American again (even though they are Ecuadorian). Afterwards, on the bus back I met/chatted with a 22 year old roadie who has been travelling all over South America for 6.5 months now (Brasil for the World Cup, Colombia, and now here). He was playing guitar and sung WAY GOOD. Did a sick version of Hotel California. He basically told me his whole life story in a 5 minute chat so that was cool. ´´I came down here to find myself but am now more lost than when I left´´...but he was a homie..I got faith in him ;) 

Lastly, talked to 2 Jehovahs Witnesses on a different bus, they are from Finland but spoke English (and like 4 other languages). It was a 23 year old dude and his 21 year old wife. They were down here for 3 months and are now heading to South Carolina. I love talking in English hahaha.

Well hope you all have a great week. Love yall!

Elder Sorensen

Birthday dinner with the ´´fam´´ 

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