Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 2 in Solanda

Hey all! It was another awesome week here in my new area. Still loving it and the work is still going hard! We have 2 baptisms this Saturday and are super excited.

Highlight of the week... This week we had interviews with President Christensen and it was just great. This man is honestly one of my heroes already. He is crazy loving and knows more than anyone I have met about the church (given as he has known/chatted with every apostle and the prophet thanks to his old job/position in the church). Anyways...It was way great chatting with him for a little about everything. He answered a few questions I had/have been receiving from members SUPER clearly and that was super helpful. He always re-motivates me to work harder and makes me grateful to have such a sweet President...also I always leave feeling like I am meant to be out here and he is always way grateful for my (our) work out here.

Aside from that we just had a good ol normal week. Out here gettin it!

Oh yeah...last thing, we helped the family who is getting baptized this Saturday move, so now they live 2 houses down from us and dont have to commute 45 minutes every day to their restaurant, which is like 5 minutes from our house. They are awesome and cook like crazy!!

Well thats you all and sending you my thoughts and prayers for a sweet week!!

Elder Sorensen

Found a scale for the first time since Mexico...232 baby! #XL

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