Wednesday, August 20, 2014

¡Listo o no, aquí vengo!

I will start with the most important and most exciting--yesterday I got my flight plans...and in 5 days I leave this beautiful ´´compound´´ for good and head to Ecuador!! I leave here late Monday night, fly from Mexico City to Bogota, Columbia (4.5 hours), 2 hour layover there, and then from Columbia to Quito, Ecuador (2 hours). I should arrive in Quito around 11 or 12 in the morning. Let´s gooo!

I need to give a couple shout outs before I start:
SHOUT OUT to KT ROSE SORINSIN for ¨Graduating¨ from BYU!!! She has 2 small classes to take this fall...but she walked this past week and she is da best. Although, now I guess I gotta actually graduate from college in order to keep that whole tradish going...
SHOUT OUT to Nick D for going HAM on a half marathon (dont even ask how I know Nick..., ;) Straight beast tho. Forrest Gump status. 
SHOUT OUT to Kent R, for rocking a beautiful beard these past few days. 
and SHOUT OUT to Duer for calling out me to the ´´Ice Challenge´´...´´you have two years´´. Classic. LOL.
Standard, post haircut pic of your boy. For mama/gma/mike ;)

Another solid week. I finally feel old here. The fact that no one here at the CCM has been here as long as us feels weird...every once and a while I have déjà vu to my first day or two. Time is weird out here on the mish...people weren´t lying when they told me that. 

This week me and Anderson taught our first 2 REAL INVESTIGATORS. That was way sweet. It got real...and to my surprise it went very well and I could understand sooo much more than the first few weeks talking with Elder Estreya and other natives. On Thursday we taught a friend of Hermano Palma (our night teach), who was pretty interested and was a way cool guy to talk with. Like always, spent the first 5 minutes talking about the World Cup--which made our lesson time a little tight, but his comfort level much higher. On Saturday, Hermano Ortiz brought 3 of his friends...who we later discovered were his Wife, Mom, and Grandma, Me and Andy taught his mom, who hasnt been active in the church for 12 or so the fact that he trusted us to teach her was awesome. She really enjoyed our lesson because we mainly focused on familie, which is the most important thing in her life. Overall, teaching these 2 real lessons made me WAY excited to get into the field and start teaching the people of Ecuador. First weeks/months are gonna be a huge challenge, but I think I´m ready for it.

Been playing Rugby almost every day. We have between 8-12 guys per team and typically play on the football field. Forgot how much I loved that sport... Elder Mann (homeboy from NZ who will hopefully come play at the Y after the mish) has motivated me to get back on the grind. The first 5 weeks here I had lifted 2 or 3 times...and other than playing soccer not done much--thus, yes..I have gotten pretty dang small. But, this week I have been getting up at 5:30 to hit the weight room with Elder Mann and a hommie from his district Elder Night, who is playing football for Southern Virginia after the mish and is one of the fastest kids I have met. Small dude...but Wes Welker fast. It feels GOOD to be back working out and doing something I love (even though the last 3 months of being lazy werent half bad), and playing some Rugby...even though Elder Mann and I can never play on the same team cause then it becomes a clinic hahaha. My toe is way better, running is a bit painful, and can never kick with my right foot, but it is much much better.
Anderson, I, and our Hermanas. P days...aka random pics just because. This ones outside of the Tienda. (Jarritos on the daily)
Today was another great Pday, Cam´s Pday was switched from Friday to today because on Friday we have all sorts of meetings for those of us leaving the CCM this week. So we got to hang out a lot and play a solid 1 or 2 hours of cage soccer. Had many handfuls of set ups for each other to rip shots into the goal (me with my left, of course). We went hard...had a little nostalgia to 3rd grade AA baseball. C2K for life... 

Quick Q&A from Carebear and Kent... :)
What are you most excited about as you head to Ecuador? (less repetitive schedule, meeting sooo many new people, and the scenery...cant wait to see the volcanoes and city and who knows what else)
What will you miss most about leaving the CCM? (the people. teachers...Kemish...all the other dope Elders who ive met out here who are out here for all the same reason.)
What's been the biggest challenge (besides learning Spanish!) so far? (Patience/trying to focus in a noisy room haha. A lot of Elders are right out of high school, and remind me a lot of myself right after I graduated highs school. But regardless, these are my DUDES.)
How are you sleeping? (Sleep like a baby. Hit a solid 10:45-6:30 every night, or 5:30 when i lift. Like a rock)
What do you weigh? (210. Was 202 before the past week of working out. Little boiii...)
Are you using your retainer? (yes, every other night. LOL kept this one in there for a chuckle...thanks mom<3)
Have you spent all your pesos? (Nope, but I will at the airport...gonna go ham on some American food and 711 slurpees one last time)
How's your toe? (much better! Wearing real shoes again for a week...running around, feeling aite. Just a little painful haha)
Our District taking our going away pic for the Devotional slide show this Sunday 
Because of the short week and travel plans, I will most likely be back on to email on Monday during the day before I head out. Love you all and hope all the homies who are heading off to college in the next couple weeks the best of luck!!!!

Para siempre,
Elder Sorensen

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