Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1 Month Mark


Today marks 1 month out. Absolutely crazy. To think that I'm 1/24 done is real strange. But it has been one heck of a month for sure.

This week was my first tough(ish) week. Saturday/Sunday I got pretty dang sick (along with like 80 other missionaries over a couple day spread). Saturday I manned-up every though I had the chills all day, until around 9 when I was sleeping on the floor of the computer lab when my teacher forced me to go the Doctor (because as he said "Esta murriendo"´re dying). Ended up having a 102 fever. Not gonna lie it was a pretty miserable 24 hours or so...just a fat fever and pretty rough stomach probs...but after sleeping in on Sunday (Doctors order I promise) I was able to go to evening devotionals and have felt great since Monday! (oh, and Cam got sick Sunday too. He told me on Monday that he had a feeling I was sick as he laid in his bed....hahaha classic. 2 more weeks with my dude...what am I gonna do :o )

In addition to catching the black plague... As I mentioned in my last email, last Wednesday I went a little too hard during cage soccer and kicked a hole through my shoe and my sock and my toe (the field is a bball court...). My right big toe got pretty jacked up, but on the positive side I got to rock sandles for 4 days! Haaha. So it has been a rough week watching the hommies play soccer and basketball... although the injury forced me to get in the weight room a couple times (which I really need haha).

The toe (pic doesnt do justice)

Aside from that, it was just another week here at the CCM. Continuing to learn tons of spanish, tons of doctrine, and make tons of friends. Kemesh, our friend who cleans our casas, is heading into town today to buy us Dr Pepper and RootBeer...we are probably a bit too stoked. I can not wait to get to much as i love it here the walls are starting to close in on me! We are still teaching lessons every day, and FINALLY, tonight we teach our first ¨real¨investigators...who arent just teachers from the CCM. Our evening teacher Hermano Palma is bringing 5 of his friends tonight for us to teach. They may be members (likely), but it will still be awesome to teach someone from the city. And, on Saturday our morning teacher, Hermano Ortiz, is bringing 5 of his friends from outside(lol) for us to teach. I cant wait to see how it goes. It feels great to be able to teach lessons with nothing but my soon as I put down my note cards and notes my teaching has definitely gotten much more powerful and personal and overall effective. But dang...i still have SOOOO much spanish to learn hahaha. Small steps. 

Today was another awesome P Day. Played a little bball with Kemesh (ran the point cause my toe haha), walked the perimeter with the district, took a nap, and GOT A PACKAGE FROM MY MOM. And Kent of course, but it said it from Carol. They rock.

 Anderson and I taking a soccer team photo

While the days are getting repetitive, I am still loving it and am gonna miss this place a ton when I leave. My district is the bomb and our teachers are TRULY HOMIES. We are always hanging out with them at the store when we arent in class--they keep us updated on the world and movies. 

Last thought-noticed a real large poly brethren...resembled many of my teammates so I had to go say whats up. Turns out hes in contact with Coach Wayne and is probably gonna come play Rugby for BYU after the mish. Is from New Zealand/San Diego (went to HS in SD  but went back home for 4 months ever year for his Club Rugby season) Utah Mann...big dude, humble as heck like all my poly dudes. Gonna play some touch with a soccer ball and show all these Utah highschool-ruggers how to play. EPIC.

Hope all is well with everyone and that you all are taking the loss of our beloved Robin Williams okay. (I know my bro Jeff is pretty torn up). We dont hear much news from the real world...but one of our teachers told us about RW asap. Will have to watch August Rush and Dead Poets as soon as I get home in a very belated remembrance.

2 more weeks here in Mexico and then I am IN ECUADOR!!!! We actually leave Tuesday at 6am (I believe), so really 1.5 weeks! LETS GOOOOOOOO

Con amor,
Elder Kev

 The district out on a walk

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