Friday, August 1, 2014

Estoy Viviendo

Well, I´ve officially been here for two weeks! (Although we have technically been ´3rd weekers´ since Monday...don't ask me.)

Honestly, I'm not sure if time is flying or moving slow. Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat go by really slow, but then the weeks go by fast. This week was just as good as last week, and I finally feel situated...doing my thing. 

First, I forgot to talk about one of the coolest/worst/craziest things here at the CCM. THE WEATHER. Its crazy nice basically all day long every day... and then at around dinner time or maybe right before bed every night, it rains (and often rains like crazy). There have already been 3 storms that turned the roads into mini flash floods. You just have to hope you're inside when they hit, because the rain usually doesn't last long. But the day time...its always beautiful. 

Because I already filled you all in about the CCM last week (probably more than you wanted to hear), I am not sure what to share because other than the first few days our weeks are very similar. So I'll share a few stories/experiences...

First, futbol. Not gonna lie...I am getting pretty sick at soccer. We play on this week cage court most of the time (same size as a bball court), and sometimes play on a regulation field. I consider myself good because all the latinos make fun of the rest of the ´´gringos´´ soccer skills to me...I´M IN! haha. Yesterday me and my comp (Anderson) played cage soccer during gym time and didn't lose during our 1 hour...13-0. Sports here at the CCM are intense cause theres tons of ex-athletes who are locked in a classroom all day long. Fun stuff.

One of our morning teachers, Hermano Romero, told our district that he met an Elder who was here at the CCM from Ecuador, and that if we found him and got a picture with him he would bring us Taquitos from ´´outside the walls´´. We ended up finding him and have been hanging out with him a ton since then. He is the man. Good news-he says there are definitely clothes that fit me in Ecuador, AND I can get a Robben Van Perse jersey for 12 dollars. Lets goooo.
Something way cool happened with Elder Estreya (Ecuador homie). After hanging out in our class room for 30 or so minutes before we had to head back to our casas, he pulled out a chair and asked me if I would give him a blessing of Salud y Fortaleza (Health and Strength). It was epic because he wanted me to give it in English...and even though he couldn't understand a word, afterwards he was slightly teary eyes and way grateful. Shows that the Spirit and Love are a universal language. Its funny because he talks soo fast its so hard for us all to talk with him, but its helping us out!

This week I made it my goal to make as many Latino friends as possible. I sit with them at a lot of meals and always chat in between classes. Elder Estreya and all his friends love me because we always talk about soccer (aka SO GLAD the World Cup just happened so I am in the know). I've learned that if you want to make friends with someone from a completely different background with a huge language barrier, the trick is to just have fun with them. Talk about sports and things they enjoy...actually care about their interests and what they liked to do back home. Most gringo missionaries just bombard them with questions and how to say this and that and I can tell it must get old for them. I have a feeling sports are gonna be my key to success in Ecuador--just gotta find some common interests and all barriers are broken down :)
The guy who cleans our house and the 10 or so around our house, Cameesh, is probably my best friend here other than the guys in my district and from BYU. He's 25 and has a wife and 2 year old girl out in the city but lives here at the CCM to work everyday. He is literally one of the nicest guys I have met, we teach each other our respective languages whenever he's in our casa. Yesterday during our service project we got to help him clean a few was a blast. Today, he played basketball with us during his lunch break and was sooo excited we asked him, it was great. AND, he balled hard. Probably the best on the court (behind me... :/ ).
There is this trend I'm catching onto...everyone around here or from central/southern America is just so genuine. I can't get enough. (But maybe 2 years will do.)

Its awesome hearing from you all back home. Sounds like everyone is doing great...I love all the updates I can por favor, keep em coming haha! I am way grateful for all the love I have been getting out here. Since a week or so before leaving the States my heart has been full...and at this point is lightweight overflowing. Never thought I'd have so much fun working all day and getting ready to serve others. 

P-day today was great as ever. Took a nap (oops), played 2 hours of soccer, 1 hour of basketball, and lifted for an hour. Getting my fix!

Oh year, our old ´´investigator´´ Enrique is now our evening teacher, Hermano Palma. He is a beast. We have 2 new investigators this week, one who is one of our morning teachers and one we havent met. 2/2 on baptism invitations and acceptances! (haha...). Mi espanol is improving. Looking forward to these next 4 weeks to learn the much much much more that I need before hitting SouthAm!

Hope everyone is living life out there in the US of A. Miss rockin my America swag so you all better hold it down while I am gone. Love you all.

Elder Sorensen

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