Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello. How is everybody? 

Another good and crazy fast week down here in Riobamba. We just got off the bus in Quito about an hour ago. It was another, beautiful, long drive. I feel like I say the same thing every week. Oh well. I`ll just keep typing and hope that my momma doesnt mind. ;) Tomorrow we have a missionary leadership counsel which means more delish momma C food! Can`t wait. I have been pretty sick since last monday. Gnarly headaches, cough, chest pain, sinus pressure, and couldnt really hear out of my right ear until I am probably gonna have a medical appointment tomorrow after the conference tomorrow. Or I might wait until next week...we`ll see.

Speaking of next week... Next Saturday we have a mission wide conference and el ELDER JEFFREY R HOLLAND will be presiding!!!!! We found out last week but I forgot to mention it. I am sooooo excited! It is going to be one heck of a conference. It is exactly what will help me get double focused/motivated for these last few months. We will be traveling up to Quito as a zone on friday and then returning saturday afternoon. I am so stoked! Also pumped to see some past comps and a few grand children I haven`t met. Dont worry Jeff, I`ll get a pic for ya ;)

On friday we had interviews with President Christensen. It was good as ever. We talked a lot about my goals for this new year/the rest of my mission. It was great. I love this man, he has given me countless advice! (2nd to Kent, that is. ;)

As a zone, we have been trying to really get pumped up about talking with EVERYONE. We have given incentives to the zone, challenging anyone to out-contact us and they`d receive a prize. While the number of contacts had been going up a little the past 2 weeks, this last week we had 1002 contacts as a zone. In other words, 1002 people met mormon missionaries in our two small cities of Riobamba and Guaranda. DOUBLE our number from the past two weeks. We could really see/feel a difference. When you talk with more, you smile more and enjoy more. The zone also saw lots of miracles due to the efforts of everyone of talking with more people. This week eight people were baptized and confirmed, and it has been awesome getting to know each one of them and watching them make life changing decisions. The church is true and offers us so many blessings.

Well, that`s about all. Love you all and glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Stay golden.


pics.... alguien quiere verde..? and pitahaya roja 

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