Monday, February 8, 2016

feliz carnaval

Hey all! Today we had to walk around downtown Riobamba for like 45 minutes to find this cyber to email. So I am way short on time. Carnaval is going on. A big holiday in South America. Basically a continent wide water/foam/color/egg/flour fight. Fun stuff. Today and tomorrow we will only be leaving for set appointments. And on Friday we will be heading up to Quito as a zone for the Elder Holland mission wide conference on Saturday. We are all sooo stoked! It is going to be great. This week was solid. We had a good MLC on Tuesday. I got to see the homies...we are getting a little nervous because the months are going by faster and faster! But needless to say...some epic BYU plans are being made. Haha! After the conference on tuesday we stayed in Quito one more day because I got a few more ingrown toenails ripped out. But they feel great now. And health wise I am doing way better. Thanks for the prayers, mamà!! On Wednesday there was the new missionary/trainer verification conference, so my kid Elder B came in on Tuesday night and we got to hang out in the hotel that night and talk about the past few months and shoot the bull about our good times in Quito together. He is tearing it up. My second grandson is from Peru, he is a BEAST! See pic.

Love you all. 


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