Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Almost Christmas!!

Dear all, hate to be short again, but this time I have a real excuse....

Today we LEFT THE MISSION BOUNDARIES (with permission from President obvi) because Elder B, my companion, had to go to some big building to obtain some paper similar to Social Security Cards in the states. We felt pretty cool being outside the mission boundries...hahaha...But it was a long day and lots of buses, so we only ended up with about 1 hour to email.

It was a great week that flew by crazy fast. On Wednesday we had our Christmas Dinner with President. It was super delish, fun, and overall great. Out districts christmas message/muscial number went super well!! I am gonna try to send a video of it over to Katie Sorinsin, and next week hopefully we will figure out a way for you all to watch if you want! Disclaimer...its in spanish. 

Me with the Christmas tree with all the missionaries on it, in President's house.

Friday we worked with N, a member in our ward who got back from his mission about a month ago. It was awesome to work with him, he is an awesome dude and speaks DANG GOOD English. He is heading to the States in March to start studying (hopefully at BYU). 

On Saturday J, our homie who we baptized last week, and his best buddy J2, who was less active until we started teaching J, both worked with us all day and did visits with us. They loved it, and we had a ton of fun-they both want to come out with us every Saturday and are both talking all about the mission!!! They are both awesome dudes and it is awesome to see them both truly changed and more happy thanks to the many blessing of the restored gospel.

All is well down here....just remember, El es la Dadiva!!

Elder Sorensen

My little Christmas setup on my desk, thanks momma y pops!

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