Monday, December 1, 2014

¡feliz casidad!

Happy Christmas month!!!!!

Another week flew by, and dang, ya estamos en diciembre?!? How crazy is that. Elder B and I already have a little Christmas tree up in our study room (a member offered it to us in perfect timing, yesterday!) Im ready for a sweet first holiday season on the mish!

This week was amazing. We have witnessed an awesome miracle this week. On Sunday a 16 year old member who hadnt been coming to church for a long time came to church, and brought one of his friends, J. His friend used to come to church with him a lot, but hasnt come since his buddy stopped coming to church. After a sweet lesson last week, the less active boy came back to church with his family, and brought this friend of his, who lives 2 minutes from our house. All week we have been visiting the friend, J, and his family. All week J has gone to seminary, and been reading and praying like crazy, and after coming to all the sessions of stake conference this weekend, had his interview and told us he is ready and wants to be baptized THIS SATURDAY, so that in a few weeks he will be able to baptize his parents. This kid is only 16, a stud soccer player, a sweet DJ/music mixer, yet already has such a strong testimony of the church and we have seen his faith in Jesus Christ grow like crazy in just 1 week. Honestly look up to this kid, although he is 2 feet shorter that me ;)

We helped a member pack 2500 rolls of cheese on Saturday, which was fun and exhausting, but we each scored 2 bricks of super expensive cheese so it was all worth it ;)

Standard Ecuadorian fruit that reminds me of a caterpillar

Am kind of blanking on anything else that happened this week, but I can remember it was a very solid week! 

Oh yeah, at our Stake Conference this weekend, President Christensen and his wife spoke (my mission pres.), and the 1st counselor of the Guayaquil Temple, so that was way awesome. President gave an amazing talk, felt proud to be a part of his crew.  :)

Last week I wrote a few buddies from BYU, and heard back from most of them today. One of my good buddies is in Russia right now, and a part of his email really made me rethink how grateful I should be to be serving in a country where the people are so open to listen to our message...gonna keep my dude in my mind next time I am feeling frustrated with the work down here. He also made me think of Big Jeff and KT MAD respect for all my buddies serving in some of the toughest parts of the world. 

´´The mission has been just amazing so far. Haven't seen a baptism or a progressing investigator yet in the city I'm in but things are still great! Russian is coming along but its dang hard. We have a branch of 30 members here where I've served my whole mission so far. I love the members so much. They're awesome. ´´ -From my buddy in Russia 

LOVE you all and hope this Christmas season is the best yet!!!
Elder Sorensen

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