Monday, September 22, 2014

Molinuco Cascada & a lil Sickness

Way short on time this week cause we had an EPIC zone activity--went to Molinuco Waterfall. It was awesome. Sweet to be out of church clothes and even cooler to be hiking through the rainforest.

Los Chillos Norte Zone! Love these people

Elder Going and I on our way to Molinuco

One of the many mini waterfalls we passed. Such an awesome hike into the BIG waterfall.

Anyways, turns out G just had a little virus, and yeah, turns out I got it as well. Monday night I had a pretty bad fever, fat headache, and stomach ache. It continued through Tuesday, Wednesday morning a bit, but by Wednesday night I was eating Pizza again and have felt since great since! Worked through it, which sucked...but I am all good- dont worry Mom!

Wednesday we had interviews with President Christensen down in Conocotto. It was great talking with him and chatting about my first few weeks out here. He always makes me feel wanted and proud to be a missionary out here in Ecuador. Definitely a man I have no problem working for/with for these next 2 years! Also, Hermana C made up all GIANT (like 8 inch) cocochip cookies. So amazing and american<3

Pinchos - one of our fav plates off the street! Basically a skewer of delish

Standard chicken lung and heart in our soup last week

Salchipapas (Fries, Hot Dog, Ketchup, Mayo, Aji, the BOMB). $1 for this fat plate!

Molinuco-- We took about a 1:15 ride and then another 1.5 hour hike in to see my first real Ecuadorian experience. The hike in was awesome. Straight up rainforest with tons of mini waterfalls and some sketch rope bridges. It was so fun hanging out with the Zone, and doing something EPIC. This country is beautiful. And so it goes.

Sketchy bridge over a sketchy amazonian river

Reppin my new country-- Estoy Viviendo primos!!

Investigator G and 2 of his 4 girls came to church yesterday. He is a single dad of 4 girls (9, 14, 17, 22) and his wife just died in December. He really likes the church and his girls really like everything about it as well. As of now we are preparing them for baptism in 3 weeks. I really hope they continue to progress and enjoy the church--because I know that this gospel is exactly what can help this awesome-genuine-humble single father out with raising his kids. He works through the night almost every night at a Panaderia (he makes bread). On Sunday during out lesson with them he made AMAZING banana orange cake, basically tasted like banana bread and FETCH WAS IT GOOD. Another highlight of out week--we visited 4 people/went to 4 houses on fed 4 times. The church is true.

G and 1 of his daughters. The 17 year old is already asking me all about BYU...epic!

Love you all! 
Elder Sorensen

Figured I should take a quick pic in my suit...we only wear them Sundays (thank goodness!)

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