Monday, September 15, 2014

Another week...what am I gonna write for the next 22 months?

It was another week. Great as always--long as always--tiring--but nothing toooo special!

We confirmed the Familia D (who got baptized last Saturday). That was awesome. I was really nervous because the confirmation is much longer than the 2 sentence Baptismal Prayer...but one again some how I made it through (it´s almost as if God is helping me out or something like that.... :)

Today we went to Quito to go to the Offices/Church store. I bought a sweet case for my scripts (holds Bible and Triple), that said Ecuador Quito Mission and has a sweet little world with Angel Moroni on top--and of course is hand crafted Ecuadorian patterns :) Unfortunately, while at the offices my companion asked the nurses about one of his teeth--so tomorrow we have to go back into Quito for him to get it filled. Hopefully Ecuadorian dentistry isnt too sketch!

We hit Mcdonalds in Quito today, First Burger since the states... its way similar. SO BOMB. Its like a nice place here though...haha

Also, the past 3 days Elder G has been pretty sick. Wasnt sure whats going on...just stomach pain, head aches, and shaking a bit (no biggie..right? haha). All the members and nurse thought it was a parasite or virus, but today he is feeling a lot hopefully it is passed! And hopefully I dont get way sick this week...only have a sliiiight head ache right now so I think I will be fine! We worked through most of his sickness--aside from a few naps he had to take to make it through the days. But I got extra personal study which is always relaxing (not that I wouldnt rather be out there working!) We still managed to have a really successful week. Found a family of 5 (a single dad with 4 girls ages 9-22, his wife died a few years ago so he is looking for support big time), a 23 year old hommie with a wife (we hope) and 2 babies, 3 single women aging between 35-60, all who have either a dead of a spouse or a rough divorce. Never realized how much work I would be doing aside from the gospel--just trying to help people out with their personal lives. Its great though..keeps me CRAZY grateful for all the unreal friends and family I have. Also, one other family of 2 kids whos parents are right now living separate--but they both want to take lessons so we will see how this turns out. Pray for us! I could use some help from Sir Kent...hes so seasoned and wise. (but not too seasoned...that perfect parmesan cheese). 

Pizza!! There is a bomb pizza place in the Sectorof the 2 elders who live with we go there here and there!

Speaking of Kent (my dad by the way...for those who dont know him, I only refer to him as Kent SOMETIMES because Dad just doesnt show enough respect for a man like him). Pretty sure half my friends only came over to see him... Duer, Mike, Manny (LOL the curb)! Anyways--heres some questions provided by my loving father!

Do they have different types of bananas? TONS, but 4 main. Verdes (massive 2 foot long green ones for cooking), Verdes Amarillo (verdes when they turn yellow lol), Platinos (regular like we have in the states), and Plantinos Chicitos (tiny, wayyyy sweet bananas.) Its like 20 bananas for a dollar here...I go hard on banana shakes (PB, vanilla yogurt....oatmeal...the works. GNC cant hang)
What do you drink at your mamita's -- soda or your own water?  Soda, juice, handmade juice. Whatever, they all know we cant drink the tap--so I think most of them dont. But all the drinks here are DELISH!
How many miles a day to you think you walk on average? NO IDEA. Tons. We take a bus if its more than like a 20 minute walk...but a good amount of hills to climb...majority of our roads here in Montzerrat are rock or dirt...yeah, I sleep well haha.
Do  you have any time to work out? Does the altitude effect either your walking or workout energy? Me and my comp started going hard again on Friday. Usually do abs/body lifts/my work out bands for about 20-35 minutes every morning. The altitude killed me first week...not toooo tough now. 
Do any missionaries have cars or bikes? None. Only President. Not even the Senior Couples or APs.
So, do I have it right that there are 6 Elders in your ward? Yes! 2 up top of the hill near our church, 2 down at the bottom of the hill, and us in between!

One of the many big catholic churches in the Quito area. Pretttty!

Love you all, thanks for the support and prayers.

Elder Sorensen

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