Monday, September 29, 2014


Another week come and gone here in Ecuador. Sorry...I didnt get sick, didnt go to any epic waterfalls, just a pretty standard week. BUT, nonetheless another great one.

About 1.5 weeks ago it started raining, and rains for 2 out of every 3 days...but only from about 3-8pm...but dang does it rain! The other day we were in the middle of teaching George and his daughters when a MASSIVE rain storm came in, hail and all....and because they have a ghetto tin roof it was so loud we couldnt even teach any more. So we proceeded to help him shove socks in holes in the roof and put down tons of buckets and pots and pans where the roof was leaking. Oh Ecuador...haha classic.

Yesterday G and I made cupcakes that his girlfriend sent him...they were BOMB! Before that....our mamita served us Cow Udder. It was a bit slimy...but I actually really liked it. My companion HATES it listening to him tell them he liked it was a chuckle. We dont have a last week we made the plan to make the cupcakes after church/lunch...which ended up turning into another (late) birthday party for Elder G. Epic!

The work is going has been a little tough working through all the rain, it makes any contacting we do very rough, and running from visit to visit quite miserable. But I have gotten way good at drying my shoes with newspaper and our griddle.

Tomorrow we go into Quito for our mid-way through training meeting! I am so excited to see all my homies from the MTC! And President, for like the 5th time since I've been out here haha. Hes the homie...truly the man!

Really dont have too much to say, so I will answer a few questions I got this week!

So what's your typical schedule like? How much time do you spend finding, teaching members, teaching investigators, etc. on an average day?
We wake up at 6:30, workout and make breakfast and get ready for the 8am have companion study, 9am personal study, 10am comp study#2, 11am language study, and then we head out for the day. We typically try to have at least 1 lesson with a member each day, try to teach our investigators every other day at least, and then teach 1 lesson or so each day to a less active or recent convert...and probably spend 1-2 hours a day contacting. We have extra study time in the morning for my first 2 changes...which is cool, but honestly we have never had all 4 hours of study because we often have a cita in the morning with someone who cant meet at night. Busy, but great!

And does it feel like the Spanish is coming along well?
Spanish is coming a lot great. G and I have been speaking more when we are alone. From Lunch to 7 every day we go solomente espanol...which has helped a lot. All the member and latinos say I speak great for my first change, but I still feel a bit lost when it comes to talking outside the gospel. My goal is close to fluent by 6 months! Aka, 3 more months to learn A TON haha. Goals are good though. :)

Do they grow pineapple, mangos, or other tropical fruit there (in addition to their world-famous bananas)?
Claro pues!! (well of course!) Apparently October is the start of Mango I am very excited!! Literally every fruit and veggie they have out here...including like 25% more that dont exist in the states... Ill try to remember to take some pics of them soon!

Being at, or near, the equator, do you have seasons or does you weather stay pretty similar all year?
We still have seasons. Temp doesnt change too much. But because we are in the mountains the nights do get chilly. Theres a few months of rain, the rest is sunny. Though, like I said, temp is pretty constant.

Well, I love you all!

Elder Sorensen


Oh yeah, and we lost power from Sat at noon to Sunday morning...planning in the dark! epic!

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