Monday, January 18, 2016

Week of All Weeks

Hey all. This is gonna be a short one to make up for last week´s monsterous email. Everyone has always said that in the mission you learn how to think about others and forget about yourself. Even though I have been far from perfect, I have definitely learned a lot have and grown a ton. This week I turn 21, actually tomorrow. But I can truly say I don´t think I´ve thought about myself/my birthday at all during these past few days because I have been thinking a ton about my family. First off, on Friday, January 15th, my oldest brother Jeff and his wife Melissa had there first baby, Quinn. From the few pictures I have seen and all the things my family have told me I already love her sooooo much and am SO grateful for this huge blessing that my brother, and all of us, have received. Love you Quinn! In addition to that, my other brother, Brian, and his future wife, Amanda, will be getting married this Saturday. As much as I wanted to be there I could not be happier for them. They are both AMAZING people. Hope you two have one heck of a weekend and know that Elder Sorensen will throw down some Martinellis Sparkling Cider on Saturday night in your honor. After a few trials and some long months down here in Ecuador I am starting to truly realize how amazingly blessed my family and I have been while I have been serving the Lord in this wonderful country. Quinn, Amanda, see you in 5. <3

Love you all! 

Elder Sorensen

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